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Welcome to EmpowermentQE's  computer system validation and quality assurance blog which aims to provide software engineering, QA and testing best practices within the GxP environment. Our team will provide fresh content that I hope will go some way to provide value add.

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Barry McManus  has over 16 years experience of every role within the software life cycle within the Telecommunication, Financial Services and Pharmaceutical sectors. Barry specialises in software quality assurance practices and has built software quality management systems, implemented software development life cycle procedures, managed global independent technical teams, managed validation of complex software and performed 3rd party computer system vendor audits. Barry is a practitioner of right first time validation and devising risk based approaches by cross pollinating quality tasks with practices from the wider software engineering community.

Colin Dinan  was born a technical tester and has evolved into a highly respected and sought after test consultant and business analyst. Colin is joint founder of EmpowermentQE having worked within a variety of roles from; automation testing of back office financial systems to performance testing regulatory compliant pharmaceutical systems. Colin posses a keen quality eye and deep understanding of technical risks. He is usually found in the trenches, rescuing failing IT projects and bringing them safely over the finish line. Colin is the company's technology evangelist.

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Ciara McManus  I am passionate about Customer Relationship Marketing, this means that I care greatly about engaging with people. That said this can only happen on here, if you as a visitor provide me with some feedback. So please, feel free to comment as you see fit under each post.

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